New Tridens CVI

Here we go! Tridens is proudly stepping into the future as today we are launching our new corporate visual identity. We felt it was time to shed the old skin and start anew and we are so excited to show you the results!

The new Tridens identity was developed by Great and Golden, part of Clinic212 creative collective, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Great and Golden is a strategic design studio creating and developing character in the shape of brand, product & packaging. We contacted them because we believed that their creativity and ideas will transform Tridens exactly how it was needed.

“The task at hand was to evaluate the visual assets of the Tridens brand”, says Lilė Adomaitė, project manager of Clinic212. “With a history of 34 years in business, the question was whether or not the current visual identity conveyed the company’s values and identity. After careful consideration, we determined that the existing visual identity, which had been in use for few decades, was outdated and required an update.”

Process of creating a new CVI

“Tridens has been operating successfully in the Baltics since 1988, the aim was to create a timeless identity reflecting the company’s reliability, extensive history in B2B distribution of premium goods and dedication to serving as an honest and committed partner. Our primary keywords were distribution, historical background, trustworthy partnership, sophisticated and timeless design”, explains Gabija Platukyte, the head of design at Clinic212’s Great & Golden product design & branding studio.

Platukyte says that the first step in the creative process was research and analysis, but updating a brand’s CVI is a complex process. The most challenging part is balancing what needs to be preserved with what is no longer relevant. This involved reviewing brand’s current position and history, competitors, target audience, and all the visual assets that were being used. “We had to identify the essence of the brand so that we could move on and develop creative concepts for the new visual identity. Once we gathered the core information, we proposed several different design directions. After the idea was selected, we developed brand’s logo, colour scheme, typography, imagery, and other visual elements. The selected idea was refined and implemented across all touchpoints.”

Defining feature

Everyone involved with the project are very pleased that they did successfully find a balance between honouring the company’s heritage and historical background, while also infusing it with fresh concepts. “To modernise the brand’s visual identity, we simplified the sea-themed trident symbol in the logo and paired it with contemporary yet timeless typography. Given that the motif of the sea has deep roots in both the history and name of our brand, we have intentionally woven this concept into every aspect of the identity. Specifically, we have incorporated oceanic elements into the logo, letterforms, colour scheme, patterns, and imagery”, says the main designer, Julija Stasiulaite.

A defining feature of our visual identity is an embodiment of a sea concept, which has a historical meaning for Tridens. This motif is evident throughout every aspect of the brand, including a distinctive pattern composed of small arrows that resemble the movement of ocean currents. The design concept is intended to visually represent the process of distributing goods, a widespread and efficient delivery. The pattern is dynamic, it goes in diverse directions, expand and contract, forming unique and intricate compositions. It is a versatile and adaptable visual element that adds depth and significance to the overall visual identity of Tridens.

Marketing and design people know that it is important to ensure that the brand’s new visual identity is aligned with the brand’s goals and resonates with the intended audience. Brand recognition is also a crucial factor to consider, as changes to the brand’s look and feel must be carefully managed to avoid alienating customers and stakeholders. The design process must be managed collaboratively with all the team, and the new CVI should be implemented consistently across every touchpoint to ensure a seamless and cohesive brand experience.

“I believe that Clinic212’s team did a wonderful job with the task at hand and our new CVI reflects everything Tridens stands for, which is being a reliable partner for our customers, shareholders, our community and Tridens family. We have been here for 34 years and now with the help of our new CVI we are proudly stepping to face the next 30, 40 and 100 years”, said Tridens CEO Janno Hert.