Management Baltics

Janno Hert

Tridens Baltics CEO
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Janno Hert is the CEO and board member of Tridens Baltic. He joined the company back in 2007. "The reasons why I come to work today with the same good feeling and positive attitude as on my first day are very simple: the team at Tridens, the brands we represent and the people with whose help we build these brands in the Baltics," says Janno. He believes that Tridens acts as a global citizen, learning from the biggest players worldwide and not only from beverage companies but also more widely from the food sector, as companies can learn from each other’s successes. Big victories start with small steps - because as Janno's favourite quote from Confucius says: "The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones ."

Jānis Corndorfs

Tridens Latvia CEO
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Jānis joined Tridens from the very beginning when the company was launched back in 2008. Jānis says "It has been quite a ride with a lot of challenges and exciting projects. It is highly important for me to have supportive team and management. It's an honour to be part of Tridens legacy."

Tadas Pakalniškis

Tridens Lithuania CEO
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Tadas started his journey in Tridens 16 years ago, when Tridens founder Juho Ojasoo decided to expand business to Latvia and Estonia. "It’s perhaps the industry we are in that I’ve never felt like working in Tridens, rather playing a game or different games at a time. And we always strive to win. As we say we are in pleasure business, thus you can feel that in the atmosphere immediately you come to our offices in Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn."

Helina Reinfelt

Marketing Director Baltics (maternity leave)
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Helina Reinfelt is Tridens Baltic's marketing director. She joined the company year 2021 after working for big corporate companies, such as Carlsberg Group and The Coca-Cola Company. After working in big systems Tridens won her heart by being a close-knit family with big ambitions and actions.

Gediminas Avižonis

Business Development Manager Baltics
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Gediminas Avižonis is Tridens Business Development Manager for Baltics since June 2021 but he has been with Tridens family for a long time. “It’s hard to believe”, he muses, “but it’s already been 14 years! That means I have been with Tridens pretty much from the beginning of the company in Lithuania.” Gediminas joined Tridens Lithuania in 2008 as a brand manager for Jägermeister.