Tridens started pan-baltic partnership with Flor De Caña

2022 has brought a lot of fresh air to Tridens portfolio and we can proudly introduce one of our new Pan-Baltic rum brand Flor De Caña. Did you know that our brand Flor de Caña is the most sustainable rum in the world? Now you know!

There aren’t many spirit brands in the world that can proudly say that they are 100 percent fair trade and carbon neutral, but Flor de Caña is the first of its kind that got both certifications. During the production process, Flor de Caña rum is distilled in five different distillers for hundreds of times. Each rum is aged in a charred oak barrel previously used to age bourbon. In addition, all kosher requirements are followed. The rums are aged from 4 to 25 years (although it is also possible to try more exclusive rums at the factory). Both light and dark rums are produced, and all drinks are Premium class.

Flor de Caña brand representative Mauricio Solarzano explains that the volcano San Cristóbal, at the foot of which the drinks are born, is their biggest support force and their most important laboratory. “Our sugar cane fields are very, very close to San Cristóbal – only eight kilometres away”, he says. “The volcano absorbs a lot of water when it rains. Water goes into the soil layers and enriches the soil with minerals – including the water we use to irrigate our sugar cane fields. Sugar cane thrives in such fertile, volcanically enriched soil. Every time a volcano erupts, the ash is a natural fertilizer for our fields.”

A big role is played by the microclimate in which the rum ages in barrels. “In a colder place, the pores of the wood begin to close”, explains Solarzano. “But in a humid tropical place like Nicaragua, the pores of the wood begin to open intensively. The interaction between the alcohol and the wood of the bourbon barrels is more intense, more dynamic. This is the magic of the Flor de Caña aging process.” During the magic, all the sugar is distilled out of the drink, which is why Flor de Caña is lower in calories than other similar drinks. Moreover, there are no additives or other artificial ingredients added to the rum.

The most important aspect for the brand and for us at Tridens is the sustainability. A lot of our brands have a target audience of young adults (18+), and we try to make it our mission that when they inherit the planet it will be in better shape. It is possible to mix the magic of experiences and being ecologically conscious and responsible.